Thursday, February 25, 2010

another carnival coming to town

Carnival of Mathematics #62 has been up at The Endeavour for a while. Isn't it about time you submitted your post for the next edition, coming out on March 5th, right here?

Here's a statement about the scope of the carnival:
Everything math-related goes in here: proofs, explanations of basic concepts, puzzles, writings about math education, mathematical anecdotes, refutations of bad math, applications of math, reviews of popular math... Note that sufficiently mathematized portions of other disciplines, especially physics and computer science, are acceptable.
Read more about it here, at Mike Croucher’s post What is a Maths Carnival?

I know, we just saw Math Teachers at Play #23  here - I apologize for those who would rather see more variety in carnival locations. I honestly didn't intend to volunteer for both so close together, but I wasn't paying enough attention to my calendar.