Sunday, May 6, 2018

more bipartite art

Playing around with some of the images created by connecting two sets of dots. In this case, every dot from the second set is connected to every dot in the first set, and the two sets are arranged in concentric circles. In the picture above, the first set of dots has 12 equally spaced dots in a circle, and the second set has 48, but the second set is arranged on a circle whose radius is much, much larger than the first, so the lines from the second set to the first come in from a great distance.

If both sets have 3 dots, both sets are on concentric circles, and one of the sets is on a much larger circle, you might get something like this:

The second set is so far out, that it looks like the lines from a point the second set are parallel. If the first set has 3 points and the second far-out set has 6 points, you might get something like this:

Increasing size of the far-out set to 18 points:

Can you figure out the number of points in each set that would generate an image like this? You can test out your guesses here.