Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hello Phyllotaxis

Phyllotaxis spirals are a favorite of recreational math - often explored in connection to other perennial topics such as the golden mean and Fibonacci numbers.

When I am trying out a new data visualization platform or programming language, I like to try to draw phyllotaxis spirals as a sort of "Hello World." My latest "Hello Phyllotaxis" came about during the early stages of learning how to use D3js. You can try it out here.

Sketched with D3js (see here)

Here is a "Hello Phyllotaxis" for Desmos (blog post here). Over the years I have also pointed to phyllotaxis-like sketches using Fathom here, Processing here, and R here.

In the image above, the dark circles are chosen by skip-counting out from the center - in this case, skip counting by 11 (see #6 in this post).

Below is a brief visual roundup of how this little "program" displays on the various platforms I have tried it on.

Sketched with Fathom (see here)

Sketched with Processing (see here)

Sketched with R (see here)

Sketched with Desmos (see here and here)