Tuesday, November 29, 2016

polynomial grid division examples

There are not enough examples of polynomial division using the grid method out there. To remedy that, I have posted about 100 billion examples for your viewing pleasure. Please check ‘em out: https://dmackinnon1.github.io/polygrid/

Jokes aside, I was looking for a small JavaScript project, and this one looked like it would be fun. It was, and I learned a few things by building it. The page will generate a small number of examples, but you can get a fresh batch by reloading. Each example is calculated on the fly, and rendered using MathJax. Currently, the displayed calculations look like this:

About half the time the examples have remainders, and the calculations vary in length and complexity in no particular order, so if you get a crop of examples that look too intimidating, or too easy, just keep trying and you should get ones more to your liking. If you see one you like, you should copy it down: you may never see it again.

I have plans to make the examples configurable and to show each part of the calculation step by step, but I may not get around to doing that for a while.

Please let me know if you get some use out of this page, particularly if you run into any trouble with it. 

Overviews of how to carry out the grid method, also called the generic rectangle method or the reverse tabular method, can be found here and here. The page does not currently provide any ‘backwards reverse tabular’ calculations, as described here.

Update: The page now allows you to choose if you want remainders or not, and does try to show some of the steps in the calculation.