Thursday, October 15, 2015

out from a ring of pentagons

Looking at the Kepler pentagonal tiling, it seems there is skull staring back, warning me against spending too much time playing around with polygons.

But regular pentagons encourage time wasting by how they fail to fit together, forcing fusings and overlaps. For example, finding a way to build out from a central ring of ten pentagons, you might try a ring of ten fused decagons.

After another jagged ring of 30 pentagons, you can add another ring made of ten rings of pentagons joined by hexagons (formed from fused pentagons).
One more step, and the decagons seem to be drifitng outward - once overlapping, now with stars between them.

Or, you could start with a central ring of pentagons surrounded by five stars and five rhombs.

A slightly more compact ring of pentagon rings comes next.
And as they pull apart - more stars.

Just remember, those aren't crania, just decagons and pentagons.