Wednesday, June 6, 2012

more simple-yet-complex fractals


I'm back to playing around with fractals that are generated by looking at complex points that stay bounded when (repeatedly) plugged into a simple quadratic expression, as described here and here. I liked the pictures that came out, so I thought I would post them. :)

As mentioned previously, I'm using Processing for this, but now am using a Processing plugin for Eclipse (I'm currently using proclipsing, but I think there are other plugins available). I'm guessing that few people will be pleased doing this - people who like Processing's simplified view of Java may be intimidated by Eclipse, while hard-core Java programmers would likely not see much benefit in using Processing's library (I'm likely selling Processing short in thinking this -  I only have used a small bit of Processing and don't have a full appreciation for what it does).  But I like the simple API and model that Processing provides, and much prefer using a real IDE and writing most code outside the PApplet class. So, right now, I'm liking it just fine and would recommend it to anyone who thinks they might have similar preferences.